N-Media WooCommerce Personalized Checkout Options Manager

3 August, 2013: Version 2.0.5 is out with following Features and Fixes

  1. FIXED: Now Capital file types are converted to Small (JPG -> jpg)
  2. FIXED: Png thumbnail will also shown

7 March, 2013: New version 2.0 launched compatible with WooCommerce 2.0

Personalized Checkout Plugin

Allow your customers to add data before they checkout
Personalized Product Plugin

Allow your customers to add personalized data against Product
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  • WooCommerce Personalized Product
  • WooCommerce Personalized Checkout


See Demo of Both Plugins

How to use:

Once you activated this plugin, options can be accessed from Admin -> Settings -> CheckoutMeta like below:

file-upload-checkout checkout-meta-settings

Personalized Checkout

 How to see data/files

Once data/files uploaded by user, it can been seen under Order (against each order) Menu in admin:

Meta data under Custom Fields

Meta data under Custom Fields

Uploaded file/images

Uploaded Files/Images


Allow Customers to add data/files against each Product?

Well if you are looking something like customers can add same types of information but with against each Product rather then Checkout, then we have another plugin here : N-Media WooCommerce Personalized Product Options Manager

Each plugin license is for single domain, if you need it for multiple domains license please contact us here

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