NMedia File Uploader Pro (HTML-5 based)

What is N-Media File Uploader Plugin?

It is wordpress plugin to allow site users or clients to upload files using your site page or post. Files can be of any type like:

  • Images
  • PDFs
  • Word Docs
  • Spreadsheets
  • Zip files
  • many others…

This plugin is complete solution for any company or personal website owner wants to allow their users/clients to upload files. Each user will have its own list of files and Admin can also upload files against Role(s). This plugin has many cool features and good thing is you just need to put shortcodes and it will do all the magic.

Pagination control

Don’t worry if you files list grows to bottom, simply enter files per page in option. No page refreshing, load the next files set using ajax call.

Email Notification

Get Email notification on every file upload by users. Email contains file name uploaded by user and some owner info. These email sent to admin email address attached to wordpress.

Download as Zip

If users want to download multiple files, he had to click each file to download. Now user don’t need download each file separately, in this version 7 another great control is put for users to download selected files as one ZIP archive.

File Meta

Admin can now attach unlimited  input fields like textbox, select, checkbox or textarea. It is very simple. Just put easy shortcodes before the main shortcode, it will do the magic. These meta can be seen against each file using cool jquery hide/show effect. More info

Admin Controls

Being a admin what controls you should have? Yes you can see all users files, download and delete these files. Moreover you can download all files of a user as single zip file. Set messages when file is uploaded and deleted by user. Another awesome control is to upload files for Roles or Public.

Super Shortcode Parameters

In Version 5, we have introduced a great feature “Super Shortcode Parameters”. It gives you control to use file uploader with different behaviours/functions. Click here for more information about these parameters.

More Features

  • HTML-5 based = iPhone supported
  • Multiple Files Uploads
  • File Types/Extension Restriction
  • Hide/Show Upload Control
  • Hide/Show Uploaded Files
  • Allow Public (non-registered users) see file uploaded by Admin
  • File Size Limit Control

Some Technical Information

All files are saved within wordpress uploads directory. Each user has its own directory so it can be easily organized and navigate if needed. All input fields (when using File Meta feature) are senatized/validated to prevent from bad scripting injections. The files list design is based on ul/li. No tables are used from Pro version 7. So it renders very quickly and can be easily seen using mobile devices.

What if I need little more?

We have developed this plugin with standard features demanded by most of the clients. We have produced 7 Version in last 4 months by compiling the requests of our many respected clients. But we know sometimes, somewhere you need little extra to make this plugin more useful for you. We have provided tons of customization support at very reasonable prices. So if you need any extra feature to meet your requirements please contact us .

Amazon S3 for $30.00 USD only Get it

Amazon  Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)  now can easily connect with N-Media File Upload Plugin. This is extra feature and NOT included PRO version. To enable this feature you need to pay only $30.00 USD more.

Amazon S3 provides a highly durable and available store for a variety of content, ranging from web applications to media files. It allows you to offload your entire storage infrastructure onto the cloud, where you can take advantage of Amazon S3’s scalability and pay-as-you-go pricing to handle your growing storage needs.

User specific File Upload for $25.00 USD Get it

Admin can upload files against Roles in PRO version, but sometimes, somewhere Admin wants to upload file(s) against single user not entire Role/Group. So in this case this variation is already developed for only $25.00 USD. But once this variation is enabled you cannot use Role specific feature. All the file uploaded by admin for users cannot be deleted by users.

Looking for a Wordpress Developer?

N-Media is now offering services for custom plugin/theme development for wordpress site. Get a Quote NOW!


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